About Luminous Glow Med Spa

Jennifer Buck has been working in this industry for nearly a decade and believe that at Luminous Glow Med Spa, the key to achieving your youthful glow is by combining communication, science and beauty to obtain the best results. Our goal is to help you see our purpose and passion utilizing the most up to date technology, equipment and medical grade skincare, to help you glow from the inside out. In a cosmetic industry overflowing with unqualified, unlicensed staff and corporately owned franchises where the bottom line exceeds patient safety, Luminous Glow Med Spa is a sanctuary of integrity and authenticity.

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Meet the owner and
our Medical Director

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M.A., L.E., RDMS, P.L.T.

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Medical Director

Our Mission

Our staff will educate and introduce you to skincare products and procedures that will help you to achieve and maintain your luminous glow. We apsire to;

Gain your trust by providing excellent customer service and quality patient care,

Listen and get to know you to understand your personal goals for your aesthetic journey,

Optimize the most up to date technology to create a customizable treatment plan that is most suitable for you and your skincare concerns, and

Welcome you into our patient-centric Med Spa, where we strive to give our patients the most incredible experience they deserve.

Thanks for visiting us at Luminous Med Spa and Wellness!