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Cosmetic Injections: Neurotoxins (Botox et al)

Neurotoxins are cosmetic injections that temporarily relax the muscles. By doing so, they prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The longevity of these products can vary for each client. On average they can last up to 3-4 months.




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Cosmetic Injections: Dermal Fillers

Dermal hyaluronic acid fillers are cosmetic injected that are administered beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines, soften creases, enhance the jaw line and facial contours. The longevity of these products can vary for each client but on average can last up to 12 months.

Types of Cosmetic Injection fillers:

Restylane Lyft

Restylane Contour

Restylane Classic

Restylane Silk

Restylane Kysse

Restylane Defyne

Restylane Refyne

RHA Redensity




MIC-B Cosmetic Injection

Patients have expressed higher energy levels, better cognitive function and can enhance weight loss results if performed once or twice per week. The MIC-B injection consists of a combination of “B” vitamins (1,2,3,5,6 & 12), a ‘MIC’ combination (Methionine, Inositol and Choline) and Lidocaine.

Medical Weight Loss Injection-Semaglutide

Semaglutide is a breakthrough medication that has shown remarkable results in helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals. Take the first step towards a healthier you and schedule your consultation today. Find out today if you are a qualifying candidate and to learn more!